The business is built on 2 rules

3-Click Philosophy

There is a tremendous gap between how we operate at home and how we operate at work. At home, you can get everything done from the palm of your hand in less than 3 clicks. At work, everything is done with the palm of 100 hands and 100 clicks. Our digital transformation solutions create a 3 click environment where you get your answers from the palm of your hand in real time and in less than 3 clicks.

Business Pulse in < 100 Seconds

Your time is invaluable. Your non value-added workflow is not. It doesn’t matter if you are a customer facing technician in the field or a senior executive of a multi-million-dollar corporation. From field to finance we create a data transparent environment. One where each stakeholder can get a pulse on their process in less than 100 seconds.

Our Vision

DDB helps organizations gain business clarity in real time through effective digital strategies and by closing the digital gap between humans and process. Allowing our most valuable asset, our people, to transform, drive innovation and really enjoy what they do.

Why we exist

In today’s world, collaboration and innovation are the driving force of a successful organization and culture. The ability to pivot on a dime and react to challenges in real time is imperative. DDB leverages technology to elevate your teams, deliver true value to your clients and eliminate the non-value add in your business process. Through the adoption of technology, we help you define your digital strategy. One that will prepare you for growth and scale.

Our Core Values

Innovate to elevate

Inspire your peers & clients through innovation.

Transparency for trust

We tell you how it is.

Work hard, care hard

We are committed to you but always make time for us.

Gurmeet Mangat featured on The Cube speaking about the benefits of Smartsheet.