Digital Transformation Fundamentals

I am astounded at the number of articles that convey the message of digital transformation failing. Some data suggests that up to 80% of transformations are unsuccessful. Now, if I was a leader thinking about digital transformation and conducted some research, I’d likely be scared and forget the idea altogether. This brief article will articulate what I feel are the core needs of an organization in order to have a successful digital transformation.

Cultural Readiness

For digital transformation, it is important to know the age demographic of your workforce. This will help to answer questions such as, is the distribution of your workforce heavy on the Baby Boomers, a mix of multiple generations or mostly Millennial and Gen Z? It will also provide clarity on whether a transformation would be accepted by all. Whatever you conclude will dictate adoption and roll out strategy.

Business Vision Alignment

The outcome of the transformation must align with the vision of your business. Do you have a vision to be the world leader in a particular market place? If yes, does your digital strategy incorporate analytics to support the vision, or are you simply automating actions? Ensure that the results support the vision and allow a real time tactical approach to business growth. Capture market share and knock out the competition when there is alignment between the two.

Data Trust

Traditionally, it is easy to hide behind data that is inaccurate, late and foggy. We sometimes use this smoke screen as a way to protect our ego, roles and job security. Prepare your people for an environment of informational transparency. Communicate the fact that transparency is vital to their roles and will ultimately help them achieve more. Word of caution, this must be a slow and very people-centric transition.

Leadership Belief

The most important ingredient of any transformation is leadership belief. Does the leadership team truly believe in the change? Are they present at the strategy sessions? Do they see the future with a progressiveness mindset? Are they willing to support the demanding needs? One person can make change happen – it takes a team to transform.

There are several other factors involved when you undertake the digital journey. I feel the above mentioned are the pillars that need to be in place for the foundation of a solid transformation. Transformation in work or other facets of life is not something to fear because we all know change is the one thing, we can confidently predict