Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my business process isn't working?​

Is information not flowing and do you find yourself not achieving your goals?   Below are several reasons that contribute to a broken process

  • You are probably sending more than 5 emails a day to accomplish a task
  • Your white board list is not shrinking
  • You have to connect with 3 or more people to get an answer
  • You have at least 10 sticky notes on your monitor
  • Excessive rework
  • Missed deadlines

Do I have to sign a contract?​

Depending on the needs, DDB can customize the terms to suit the business requirements

  • Contract can be signed for Smartsheet licenses
  • Contract can be developed if you require monthly DDB support

How many programs do you offer?​

DDB offers a wide range of services, from LEAN training, assessments and full system administration and development:

  • Full system administration
  • Smartsheet product development and support
  • LEAN assessment
  • Technical services
  • Customized ERP solutions

Is Smartsheet easy to use?​

Excel macros and programming are a thing of the past. Smartsheet uses user friendly interfaces which allows the basic excel user to work like a pro!

  • Smartsheet is super simple. You can go from being a basic user to advanced in the less than 6 months

What is Industry 4.0?​

The 4th industrial revolution - change or be forgotten.

  • Industry 4.0 simply means that everything should be connected and that data management should be automated

What is a miniERP system?​

Every business needs a system to manage work. Smartsheet is a total work system with the capability of creating cost effective ERP solutions.

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. We just create a smaller, cleaner version of SAP & Oracle using Smartsheet.

What are LEAN systems?​

Eliminating waste within a process without sacrificing productivity

  • Lean systems are systems that create an environment and culture of efficiency

Why should I change? Things are working fine.​

Many businesses run the with model “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Change is inevitable and if you don't change, you will fall off the map.

  • Great question!  The only thing we can predict is change, so why not control it.

Do you offer training?​

DDB can provide training in many areas of LEAN systems and Smartsheet, just ask!

  • Yes

How do I know if my culture is broken?​

Do you work in an environment of blame, zero accountability and no engagement?

  • High turnover
  • No accountability
  • Lack of ownership
  • Silo effect 

What is process improvement?​

A particular process will be evaluated for any areas that need improvement.

  • Simply means fixing a process that feels like it isn't working

How do you optimize my process?​

Understanding the current state and applying LEAN and digital tools to bring the process to the desired future state

  • First, by understanding why it needs to be optimized

How customized is the solution?​

We can develop a holistic total work management system based on your business needs.

  • Based on your needs alone, a process and web-based solution can be built with ease.

What are the benefits of process improvement?​

Reduced cost and improved quality!

  1. Employee engagement
  2. Time savings
  3. Cost savings
  4. Business growth