RPA - Robotics Process Automation

Take the Robot out of the human - As humans we perform highly repetitive tasks day in and day out. Over time, we inevitably become tired and mistakes happen. Our brain is not designed to operate like this but robots are. We can create a digital worker UiPath  Robotics Process Automation

CWM - Collaborative Work Management

Still working in silo’s? We understand. It's challenging to work in cross functional teams without cross functional technology. Meeting after meeting and we still feel like we are in the dark forcing us to work in a reactive environment. Adopt Smartsheet and collaborative work management prepare you for the future of work….Smartsheet

PROSCI - Change Management

Adoption is critical to any digital transformation. ROI and user success require a sound change management strategy. We at DDB, are certified in the use of the ADKAR model of change management. Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. In part with the ADKAR model we develop a change management plan and coach the leadership team on the

delivery of the change management strategy. For more information on the PROSCI model, please visit their website.PROSCI Change Managment

How the tools work

Everything EOS

What Is It

After having worked in the industry for 20+ years we have first-hand experience at what doesn’t work and ad hoc does not work. If you feel like your weekly meetings are on repeat, you are constantly battling issues, you don't have a culture of accountability and the growth of your business has plateaued. There is no priority to any issue but all issues are important.

Our Tool

We are EOS Implementers. At DDB we implement EOS with a passion. There is nothing more fulfilling to us than watching our clients succeed. For any business to succeed you need to run on one business system.

How It Works

We implement EOS for you. Taking on a system and managing change while tackling the day to day is no easy task. We bring rock solid change management and business transformation experience. We immerse ourselves into the company culture for a period of 1-2 years (sometimes forever) and coach you into becoming EOS graduates.

Who Qualifies

Everyone, but we only focus on a handful!
Operations and Maintenance Organizations, Manufacturers, Consulting firms, Service Organizations, Renewable Energy Owners and Operators, Construction, etc…...

Smartsheet & Collaborative work management

What Is It

What is it - Collaboration is key to success for any business operating in the 21st century. Using an email to manage a process no longer adds value. With collaborative work management systems, you operate in real time. Creating a cross functional information system allowing your team to innovate through information sharing. Data driven decisions are the driving force for business execution and it's not going away anytime soon. Implement Collaborative Work Management with Smartsheet and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Tool - Smartsheet

We are a Smartsheet Gold Partner, Smartsheet product certified and Smartsheet Professional Services certified.

How It Works

We are your one stop shop for digital transformation. At DDB we can evaluate your current workflow, provide an optimization strategy, assist in the Smartsheet architecture and if you don't have time, we’ll build it for you.

Who Qualifies

If it’s a workflow, it’s for Smartsheet.