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Are you dispatching technicians in the field? Managing a fleet of resources, people and equipment? Knowing how to manage and execute a dynamic business can be challenging. Most field services organizations are typically working reactively and constantly fighting fires. The amount of data management and manual work to understand whether or not a project was successful is daunting. At DDB we eliminate the effort of reconciliation and provide real time insight & analytics into your project management process. This allows you to have a firm grip on planning, execution and close out, ultimately giving you the information you need to make a decision in real time.


  • What's In It For Me?

    • Business clarity on a daily basis. Each project will now come to life, enabling you to manage work proactively. Providing you the real benefit of real time decision making and the ability to forecast tomorrow to a high degree of accuracy. 
    • You control the day. Imagine waking up and looking at a dashboard on your phone that tells everything you need to know. You can see actual vs estimate for project finance, project delays, scope change requests all in one place for you to take action.
    • External collaboration will be your digital differentiator. While we help you collect information and reconcile it, we will also create value for you to report externally in real time environment. Drastically closing the information gap between service provider and purchaser.

How Does It Work?


Whether you are an externally driven business or internally driven, we will help you align your digital solution with the key stakeholders. Here we will help you identify the correct use case that will drive maximum value across the value chain.


Once the use case is established, we work closely with the subject matter experts to conduct a very detailed discovery session that will identify the gaps and opportunities which will help craft the project plan for the digital transformation.


Now we execute. The “A” team is strategically crafted and we will work closely with high touch points making the project active and engaging. We coach and mentor the project team through user acceptance testing and hyper-care to ensure maximum adoption and ROI.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Optimized Performance:

    Fine-tune your energy systems to perform at their best, maximizing energy production and profitability.

  • Risk Reduction:

    Spot and address potential problems early, minimizing disruptions and unexpected downtime.

  • Efficiency Boost:

    Streamline operations for better resource utilization and cost savings, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Client Confidence:

    Impress your clients with top-notch service and show your commitment to reliable energy delivery.

  • Sustainability:

    Ensure your systems align with environmental standards, contributing to a greener future.

  • Longevity:

    Extend the lifespan of your assets, ensuring a sustainable return on your investment.

Resource Management

Keep all your resources aligned, billable and productive on a daily basis.  Knowing that your team is trained correctly for the scope, knowing resource availability on a moment's notice and ensuring utilization is +90% drive business value and customer satisfaction. Our direct industry experience managing resources ourselves allows us to create a process that is tried, tested and true.

  • What's In It For Me?

    • You will experience a large reduction in quoting response time, enabling you to respond faster and in higher volumes per day. Your customers will absolutely love the idea of same day quoting.
    • We both know that technicians will call in and say they cant show up today. This is a major impact on a project and re-allocating a new resource is time consuming. With our support, in a moments notice, you will be able to find a suitable replacement quickly and keep the job on schedule and the customer happy
    • Your field team will thank you. It’s important to plan ahead so that our field team can plan ahead. Being a field tech often means not knowing what your next day brings. This is not great for retention or work life balance for the technician. By providing the tech a glimpse into they’re week from a mobile app automatically positions you as a thoughtful and considerate business. Technicians will stay and never leave.

How Does It Work?


Your people are your most valuable asset. We’ll work with you to determine the current state of your process and help you identify the gaps in the technology you use to manage your team.


There is a strong change that you lack visibility into your resource pool. We will identify the key parameters of managing resources and identify the right data points that need to be captured to execute precisely.


There is no one size fits all solution. Our skilled experts will listen carefully and document the nuances of your process to ensure complete alignment and fit. No stone is left unturned.

  • Efficiency Surge:

    Allocate resources effectively, reducing downtime and boosting service delivery speed.

  • Cost Efficiency:

    Avoid resource overuse and waste, saving money and increasing profitability.

  • Improved Scheduling:

    Assign tasks and jobs to the right team members, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

  • Customer Delight:

    Deliver timely services, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Real-time Insights:

    Access data and analytics for informed decision-making, adapting to changes on the fly.

  • Agility and Adaptability:

    Respond to emergencies and last-minute changes swiftly, ensuring smooth operations.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Project Management

Project management is a series of actions and activities whereby information needs to be collected, qualified and then reported back to the business and customer.  Within the project management process, there are multiple data sources and oftentimes incorrect information leading to poor decision making. DDB Consultants Inc has one aim here and that is to streamline the flow of information and allow the project management team to work on the future, and not in the past.

  • What's In It For Me?

    • No more justification, you just present the facts. Our reports and live dashboards will be the storytelling tool allowing you to present in real time. Changing the conversation from a defensive tone to an optimistic and constructive one.
    • Everything is one place. We will centralize all your project information and automate the communication elements of project management. By doing this we create a pull information system whereby all stakeholders can access the details with ZERO meetings. 
    • Keeping the customer informed. One of the leading issues in a transactional relationship is communication. The customer needs to see progress and wants to confidently know that they are getting value for your service. We will automatically create communication tools that will engage your clients positively, avoiding the “what is going on call” from the customer.

How Does It Work?


Project managers have a difficult role. They are expected to manage a project that ends on time and on budget while having little control over the resources executing the project. The speed at which information is collected, reconciled and reported is absolutely critical in this role. DDB will establish a project management process that creates complete real time transparency and accountability.


Tracking progress doesn't have to mean, sending a text message to the field lead, or going for a drive to the site. It’s about creating a process that connects everyone through a real time digital solution. Our team will help you determine the correct touchpoints and automate the project tracking process.


Financial reconciliation matters. At the present time, most project managers are exporting and collecting data from disparate data sources and reconciling to determine project profitability. Unfortunately, this often happens months after the project is completed. We don't want that for you. It’s painful and frustrating. Our solutions will allow you to manage project costs in real time and allow you to keep a daily pulse on the project.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Efficient Workflow:

    Lay out tasks and activities in a logical order, preventing bottlenecks and streamlining operations.

  • Resource Optimization:

    Allocate manpower and resources effectively, avoiding overbooking or underutilization.

  • Timely Deliveries:

    Set realistic timelines and milestones, ensuring on-time service delivery and customer satisfaction.

  • Task Prioritization:

    Identify critical tasks and allocate resources accordingly, ensuring the most important jobs get done first.

  • Communication Enhancement:

    Keep your team aligned and informed, preventing confusion and fostering clear communication.

  • Adaptability:

    Quickly adjust schedules for unexpected changes, maintaining flexibility in dynamic field environments.


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