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Data is everything and everywhere. Information management and flow dictates the pace of every business process. Whether your business engine is fueled by paper or spreadsheets, you will have 2 completely different outcomes almost always leaving the business in the dark. Here, at DDB Consultants Inc, we build and deliver digital solutions that automate the business process and allow you to get a grip.


  • What's In It For Me?

    • Your time. It’s more valuable than you can ever imagine. 
    • Experiences. We allow you to create opportunities to see more and experience life.
    • Feeling valued. With us by your side, you can shine. We enable you to take an idea and turn it into a reality not a sticky note.

How Does It Work?


Using our industry experience, we will guide you through a process discovery that will identify the bottlenecks, constraints and opportunities.


The priorities are arranged based on value and impact.


Our team will work with your team and engage in a real time and collaborative relationship. One with complete transparency.


We plan for success and nothing less. Using a well thought out roll-out plan we help maximize adoption and ROI.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Operational Excellence

    Harness the power of technology to optimize your asset management and field services, boosting overall performance.

  • Real-time Insights

    Gain instant access to data and analytics, making informed decisions for smarter energy strategies.

  • Resource Maximization

    Automate processes to free up valuable time and resources, improving efficiency across the board.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Stay ahead of issues with predictive algorithms, preventing downtime and costly repairs.

  • Sustainability Leadership

    Showcase your commitment to a greener world by embracing cutting-edge digital tools.

  • Innovation Edge

    Stand out in the competitive renewable energy landscape with innovative tech-driven solutions.

Service and Operations Assessment

Tunnel vision is a real thing. After a period of time our minds acclimate to the process and when that happens, Auto Pilot turns on. We become numb to the pain points. Opportunities become harder to see and that’s where we fit. Allow us to analyze your current state and report out optimization solutions and strategies.

  • What's In It For Me?

    • Peace of mind. Know that you are doing things right or doing things wrong.
    • Sustainability. We highlight the opportunities and help create a continuous improvement culture.
    • Go home on time. It’s the things that we cant see that hold us back at work. Our microscopic approach will help you see issues that normally go unnoticed and then provide the freedom to go home on time.

How Does It Work?



We bring back your peripheral vision through engaging conversations, sharing industry best practices and identifying the non-value add in your current state.


Day in the life of.

We work in the field and walk the process with each stakeholder to collect detailed information.



Here we review our collected information and innovate around our findings.


Report out.

We will tell you how it is. Our transparent observations will help pave a clear path to success by providing the right metrics.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Optimized Performance:

    Fine-tune your energy systems to perform at their best, maximizing energy production and profitability.

  • Risk Reduction:

    Spot and address potential problems early, minimizing disruptions and unexpected downtime.

  • Efficiency Boost:

    Streamline operations for better resource utilization and cost savings, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Client Confidence:

    Impress your clients with top-notch service and show your commitment to reliable energy delivery.

  • Sustainability:

    Ensure your systems align with environmental standards, contributing to a greener future.

  • Longevity:

    Extend the lifespan of your assets, ensuring a sustainable return on your investment.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Program Development

Once the clean energy site goes into production, it needs a series of programs to operate efficiently and effectively. Our industry experts can help you create your asset management programs so that you can focus on the customer.

  • What's In It For Me?

    • Expert Guidance. You get to the finish line faster and successfully.
    • Comprehensive Support. We’ll never let you down. Your goals become our goals and the job is not done until we both win.
    • Accountability Partnership. With the right guardrails in place, we will keep you focused on the task.

How Does It Work?


Identify the need.

We will help you determining the need and collect feedback.



Our team can provide you with the resource management tools and strategies.



Together we craft a low risk, high value management plan.



Through a partnership with us, we help you stay on track and become your accountability partner.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Reliability Boost:

    Keep your energy generation reliable and consistent, ensuring a steady flow of power without unexpected disruptions.

  • Cost Savings:

    Spending a little on regular maintenance helps you avoid hefty repair bills and loss of revenue due to unexpected downtime.

  • Efficiency Gains:

    Well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently, leading to optimized energy production and lower operational costs.

  • Safety Assurance:

    Regular check-ups ensure your equipment operates safely, reducing the risk of accidents or environmental harm.

  • Contract Confidence:

    For services agreements, a strong preventative maintenance program showcases your commitment to delivering high-quality, dependable services.

  • Longevity:

    Maximize the lifespan of your renewable energy assets, maximizing your return on investment over time.


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