Leading The Technician Of Today

I can remember some of my toughest jobs throughout my career as a tech. Having worked in remote areas and extreme conditions all over the world, I can appreciate the role of the technician. They are customer facing team members and your front line. They are the TEAM. Wind techs specifically – are in a world of their own and constantly battling the elements in their day to day roles. Although advancements are being made in how technicians execute work, we are behind the times. Technological change is driving the need for a new tech which means leaders need to create a new tech experience. Here, I will discuss what the new tech is and why they need a new tech experience, keeping in mind that experience will drive engagement, retention and culture.

Everything we do outside of work is easy, need to watch something, buy a product or just looking for an answer? Netflix, Amazon and Google have you covered. However, when we walk in the front door of our workplace that all falls apart. Paper work orders, macro heavy excel files on a laptop and searching emails for a drawing or troubleshooting guide. For today’s tech this is frustrating as this type of workflow does not align with their true needs. Over a decade ago, this was not an issue – today it is. The success of a technician today relies heavily on how transparent and accessible information is, modern tools needed to do the job well and knowing that he/she is creating immediate impact on the success of the business.

The new tech experience demands the need for real time access to information and constant feedback in their workflow because that’s how they are “wired”. The “new worker” environment model is a cross functional one demanding the need to communicate freely and swiftly. When you provide a work environment that behaves like their personal environment you maintain a level of thought that is not disrupted by outdated technology and aged workflow processes. Through effective digital strategies you can modernize how your techs work, provide the right tools and empower your team to achieve more.

Let’s face it the job itself is demanding and physically exhausting. Provide your teams with clarity in their roles, support the true need and most importantly provide an unforgettable experience. In the end, everybody wins.