I feel like there is a cloud based solution or app out there for every need today. Whether we are talking about Human Resources, Finance or Operations. We can easily fall into the trap of buying one of everything. This leads to many things like, data disparity, disconnected process and reinforced digital silos where teams don’t speak the same language.

Follow these three S’s and you’re well on your way to building a solid digital strategy.

Simplify. Communication is so important. We make business decisions based on information our colleagues share with us. The problem is, sales and marketing use their legacy platform because they don’t want to change. Human resources are running on a fancy cloud-based solution and operations runs on excel. Does this sound like you? Now, let’s just have 10 update meetings a week to keep the pulse on the business. This is traditional business operation and is slowly becoming obsolete. Simplify as much as you can, speak the same language and hold strategic meetings where widely informed decisions can be made.

Standardize. If half your business runs on paper and the other half on technology, you’re opening yourself up to a high level of human error. You will have to play the game of chase to get an answer to simple questions. Simply put, you will be running your business blind. The lack of standardization contributes directly to the cost of poor quality, rework and repeat efforts. At a minimum, standardize your process so that you are at least running in a digital environment and you no longer have to chase the paper trail.

Sustain. So, you followed the first 2 S’s. Great, now the fun part. You get to use what you created for a long time and I promise, it will work for a very long time. If your change management plan was spot on, then adoption in this phase will be high. You get maximum return on your investment and a level of engagement from your team that is incredible. Reinforcement is critical here so support your team, be present and sustain the change.

Simplify, Standardize and Sustain. The 3 critical elements to digitizing your workplace.

This is a disruptive change for all of us. Many organizations are getting the “wake-up” call right now but not sure where to look for solutions.

I see two aspects of a business that will need attention.

The Business System – Gino Wickman and his team developed an incredible system called the Entrepreneurial Operating System, also known as EOS. This solution will provide you a rock- solid process to operate your business through the toughest of times. It will help establish the vision, core values, right team and most importantly ensure alignment throughout.

The Digital Strategy – Remote work is now important right? Wrong. Keeping people and process connected should be the priority, regardless of physical location. We do not do a great job of connecting people digitally at the workplace. We all know that the digital connection with family and friends is real and you actually feel connected (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) because you know what’s going on – it works. Mark Mader and his team at Smartsheet will connect you at the office with your team in ways that you cannot imagine. Prepare your team for a new future where they have the comfort of knowing that they are connected to their teams like they are connected to their families and friends.

Tools have been selected and now you need to implement. This is where commitment, vision and strategy come in. Demonstrate that you are committed and the right team will follow you. Articulate your vision like the love you share with your family and the right team will follow you. Build an empathetic strategy from the ground up and the right team will follow you. You must have a burning passion to make change happen and an army of people that believe the future is bright and full of opportunity to succeed.